A point route is one of multiple ways of receiving points. An epoch is a fixed amount of time.

There is a redemption rate RpeR_{pe} for each point route pp and epoch number ee. The number SpeS_{pe} is a score received in epoch number ee through point route pp. The point accrual rate at epoch number ee through point route pp is SpeRpeS_{pe}R_{pe}.

The amount of points earned through point route pp from epoch number mm to epoch number nn (including nn) is


For pp the re-staking point route, we will have a number of epochs NN, such that Rpe>1R_{pe} > 1 for all eNe\leq N and Rpe=1R{pe}=1 for all e>Ne > N. The score SpeS_{pe} is the K2 ETH balance when epoch ee starts. For example, suppose that N=5N = 5 and Rp5=3R_{p5} = 3, if K2 ETH balance is 2 ETH during both epoch 5, 6 and 7 then the amount of re-staking points earned in this period is

Ap(5,7)=23+21+21A_{p}(5,7) = 2 \cdot 3 + 2 \cdot 1 + 2 \cdot 1 ETH = 10 ETH.

Example Calculation:

Let’s say the starting points period (NN) is 5th epoch and the redemption rate RpeR_{pe} is 3, and epoch 6,7 has RpeR_{pe} = 1. If you have 2 ETH staked from epoch 5 to 7, here’s how points are calulated :

  • Epoch 5: 2 ETH * 3 = 6 ETH points (bonus applied)
  • Epoch 6: 2 ETH * 1 = 2 ETH points (standard rate)
  • Epoch 7: 2 ETH * 1 = 2 ETH points (standard rate)

Total points earned: 6 ETH + 2 ETH + 2 ETH = 10 ETH points

For pp an activities & participation (commercial) point route, the numbers SpeS_{pe} and RpeR_{pe} are dependent on epoch ee.