The following readme describes all the functions and their parameters exposed by the k2LendingDepositor class of the K2 SDK. This sub-class contains all the important functions from the K2 Lending depositor contract of the K2 Lending protocol.

getKethVaultAddress function

This function can be used to get the kETH vault address registered with the contract.

Using getKethVaultAddress function

await sdk.k2LendingDepositor.getKethVaultAddress();

Return parameters

ETH address of the kETH vault.

deposit function

This function can be used to deposit tokens to the contract.

Input Parameters

tokenAddress: Token address to deposit into the contract
amount: Amount of tokens to be deposited

Using deposit function

await sdk.k2LendingDepositor.deposit(tokenAddress, amount);

Return parameters

Transaction hash if the deposit was successful.